Bluff City Zoo Snowfari Tote Bag


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You been out to the Snowfari at the zoo yet? No? It’s incredible. They got penguins, polar bears, the seagull habitat is made up to look like a ski chalet. It’s majestic. Anyway, tickets for this season are sold out but I can help you out. I got a crate of these tote bags. They fell off a truck, don’t worry about it. These are the good stuff, canvas with a contrasting strap. Put your books in here, a light trip to the grocery store, whatever you need. You get one of these and no one has to know you missed the Snowfari. Next year maybe you get a ticket in advance.

About the Artist:

Lily Pfaff is an illustrator and background designer/painter based in Brooklyn, NY. You can find more of their work at, or follow them on twitter and instagram.

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